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Adam Meyer's first book, The Hero Inside™
tells the story of a sick young boy who discovers his inner strength, his Hero Inside.
Although the main character of this story is a child dealing with illness, this book is for people of all ages. Whether young or old, sick or healthy, the message in
The Hero Inside™ is one that can benefit all who read it. 

We are all blessed with a tremendous amount of inner strength, and when we are able to connect with that strength, amazing things are possible.The Hero Inside™ serves as a guide and friendly reminder that all people have a Super Hero within them and are capable of doing great things. More than just a book, The Hero Inside™ is a way in which to help children dealing with severe and chronic illness by giving them a gift of hope and inspiration.

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Inspirational and enlightening! This book reminds you of the power within yourself, and is great for my young children. It keeps them in a good state of mind, especially when they are feeling a bit under the weather. I wish there were more books like this out there. The Hero Inside is a must have!

San Diego,CA

Found this short book inspiring and motivating. The message is great for young and old, and delivers life lessons, so often forgotten.

Johannesburg, South Africa                 

Thank you for this great little book. I'm not sure who gets more out of it, me or my kids! We love our Hero Inside!

Chicago, IL                 

I bought this book and my 3 year old loves it! The illustrations are entertaining and the book has a positive message about finding power within yourself. Whenever he is scared about something, we just say "Remember the Hero Inside" and he gest this look on his face like he can do anything. He sometimes still needs his mom, but this book has been a great help in inspiring his sense of adventure and confidence.

Los Angeles, CA


Grab yourself or your loved ones a copy of the book and be inspired to discover your own inner strength, your own "Hero Inside."

When Adam was a sick child, one of his favorite things to do was read about Superheroes. With this book, he has created a Superhero specifically for children dealing with super-challenges of their own. You can help make a difference in a sick child's life by purchasing a copy of the book to be donated to a local Children's Hospital for a child in need.

As another way in which to help those dealing with childhood illness, Adam created The Hero Inside Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support and services to sick children and their families.
While only in its infancy now, The Hero Inside Foundation has big dreams to help as many children as possible by inspiring, motivating, and teaching them to call on their inner strength, their  "Hero Inside."