Today in My Shoes . . . The Choice is Yours

If you saw my Instagram video earlier today, you’ve gotten a sneak peak at today’s topic. It is all about choice. . .

There is an incredible song Called “Choice is Yours” by two of my favorite bands Stick Figure, and fellow San Diego locals Slightly Stoopid. If you haven’t heard it before, take a listen:

What may at first sound like a simple Reggae song is actually far more. The powerful words and infectious melodies contain deep and sacred wisdom hidden within them. One of the many sacred keys presented in this song is . . .


You always have one. Always.

Now, before you argue that statement, let me clarify. You may not have a choice about the circumstances of your life, the situations you are in, or the challenges you have to face. However, you always have a choice as to how you respond and react to these circumstances. Always.

This lesson has been given to me over and over, and over again for the past 7 months. Finally, I feel it is starting to sink in, and my life is reflecting it. I still have a long way to go, but I am moving in the right direction. The choice is mine, as it is yours, in every moment of every day. Do you choose to respond? If so, how? Are you responding from from the ego or from the Heart? I try to work from the latter as much as possible, but the ego is good at hiding, and my choices come from there too. Little by little, the Heart will win.

Now, can I let you in on a little secret? One of the great powers of choice, is that you can always choose again. Did you make an unconscious choice? Did you respond in a way that you would prefer not to? It’s okay, choose again. You can choose to right the wrong, go up instead of down, say sorry, try again, whatever you need to do. You have the power. An immense and sacred power. A power that most people take for granted, and end up using unconsciously. I can tell you for certain, that when you begin to take conscious control over your power of choice, your life will begin to reflect it. You will start living the life that you want to live, the life that you choose to live. Then, not matter what may come, you will know how to choose wisely no matter the options presented before you.


As with everything worth doing, it begins one step at a time All you have to do, is choose to walk.

Adam Meyer

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Adam Meyer

Adam is an author, transformational speaker, and stress management coach. His powerful yet approachable and easy-to-understand wisdom have the potential to make a powerful shift in your life. Combining ancient wisdom and modern science, he helps his clients achieve their personal and professional goals, free from stress and worry. My journey has taught me some powerful, profound, and incredible things. Walk with me, and I'll teach them to you too.

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