Today in My Shoes . . . The Many Lives of Adam Meyer

I am only 36 years old, and yet I feel as though I have already lived so many lives in this body. (I know I have lived plenty of lives in many other bodies, but that is a subject for another post.)

Just looking back on my life, I see so many distinct and different stages. Different versions of me. Some of those versions I would love to see again, while others I am glad to be free of. Each of these past versions of myself have created the being I am today. Each of those versions has allowed me to discover different aspects of myself. Some of those aspects I have chosen to grow and nourish, and some of them I have chosen to remove and discard.

Just what are these lives and versions of myself that I speak of? Here are just a few . . .

  • A Scared, Sick Child given 6 years to live & A Brave, Resilient, Healthy Boy wth no Limits.
  • A Spoiled Brat and a Compassionate Friend.
  • An Actor, Writer, Director.
  • A Tutor & a Teacher.
  • An Acupuncturist & an Entrepreneur.
  • I have been Arrogant and Humble, Proud and Ashamed.
  • I have Led and I have Followed.
  • I have been a Seeker, a Yogi, a Stoner, and a Mystic.
  • I have worn many faces and played many parts. Short Hair, Long Hair, Dreadlocks, and Gel. Clean faced, Goateed, Bearded, and Groomed.
  • I have been a Patient and a Practitioner. Good and Bad at both.
  • I have known it all, and known nothing too.

When I think on my past, look through the photos of my own history, I realize just how incredible this life is, was, and will continue to be. In just 36 years I have lived more lives than I can count. Each of these lives, these moments in time, have taught me so much.

Underneath it all, is the Real Me. The Truth. The Source. The Spirit. Wth each life, each moment, I am seeking to get closer to that truth. Sometimes I am heading in the right direction and I can feel the Universe moving with me, or more accurately I can feel myself moving with the Universe and everything flows. All the timing is right and everything clicks. Other times, I feel about as far from The Source as one can be. Things break. I stumble. There is no flow.

And then I remember. Some part of me speaks up. A gentle reminder that this is all part of the Journey. Another chapter in the story, another life, another moment. It is the balance, the Yin and the Yang, the cosmic order, and it is beautiful. It is beautiful because I can step back and observe it. I can look back on my past, on these many moments, these miniature lives, and I can remember. They each had their place, their reason for being, just as this moment does. Dark or light, pleasant or painful, mundane or divine. They all have their place, their purpose. They all come to teach us the same thing. After so many varied experiences, so many lives lived, the Truth remains the same:

Underneath it all, is the Real Me. The Truth. The Source. The Spirit. It just takes a little bit of time and a little bit of insight and self reflection to find it.

I have discovered this to be true for me.

Now I ask, is it true for you too?

Adam Meyer

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Adam Meyer

Adam is an author, transformational speaker, and stress management coach. His powerful yet approachable and easy-to-understand wisdom have the potential to make a powerful shift in your life. Combining ancient wisdom and modern science, he helps his clients achieve their personal and professional goals, free from stress and worry. My journey has taught me some powerful, profound, and incredible things. Walk with me, and I'll teach them to you too.

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