Today in My Shoes . . .The Way the Movies Move Me

Of all the artistic mediums, none move me quite the way that film does. It’s not to say that great art, or literature, poetry, prose, music, or sculpture doesn’t speak to me. Of course these mediums can and do move me, but not the way that film does.

It is one of the reasons I became a film maker many years ago. To this day, it is hard for me to set through a set of film trailers, or a good movie and not be brought to tears, even if for just a moment. There is something magical in film, far more than just the special effects. Film is the manifestation of pure energy into substance. A thought, pulled from the ether and brought to life. Guided and directed in such a way as to create an emotional experience for the viewer, and if done well, a transportation into another world. When I was young and sick, movies were one of my greatest allies, and the older I get, the more I realize why. A film is the merging of all the creative arts. Writing, Music, Choreography, Art, and the list goes on. This culmination of creativity produces something even greater than any individual part. This is the magic of film, the spirit that connects with the spirit in us. The Spirit that moves us.

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Today, I had the chance to share in this magic with my 4 year old daughter. I picked her up from school and surprised her by taking her to her first movie. I should say her first real movie experience in a theater, as she has certainly watched things at home before.

The experience is one that will live with me forever. It’s hard to put into words the profoundly beautiful and emotional experience that I had. All at once I was aware of the many many times my dad had taken me to movies as a kid, the way we still go together today. I was in the moment with my daughter’s first movie going experience, and at the same time I saw us far, far in the future doing the same. I realized that it was one of those defining moments in life, and I was, and still am profoundly grateful for it.

From the moment the lights went down, and the trailers began to play, my tears began to flow. Tears of gratitude and joy. Tears of awareness, of nostalgia and hope, and love, and more.

And then came the film. Disney’s Moana. It was truly beautiful. The story of a young girl who learns to follow her heart, find her strength, and save her people. Nothing new right? Well, truth is there are really only about 7 story plots that exist in the world, so nothing is really original. It is the way in which the story is told that makes it special. Moana did so through the lens of an ancient and wise culture, and they did it well. I don’t want to say too much, because I really do suggest you see the film.

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The film spoke to me in so many ways, and that would have been enough, but I got to share it with my daughter. I got to see her experiencing her first film in the theater, and I got to see her experience Moana. She was captivated and connected. Yelling encouraging words at the screen. Kicking her feet in excitement and anticipation as the action unfolded before her eyes. She felt so deeply for the characters and their quest. She found her courage to watch the scary parts, as Moana found her courage to defeat them. She was transported into a realm of magic, and beauty, and hope, and I was lucky enough to go with her. There were so many moments. And at the end of it all, when the story ended, and the film was done, my daughter and I both sat with tears of joy on our cheeks, smiles on our faces, and magic in our hearts.

Perhaps one day when my daughter is grown and she happens to read this, she will come to understand just how special it all was. The movie, the moments, the magic.

And perhaps one day, she too will be moved by the movies, the way in which the movies move me.

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