Today in My Shoes . . .Where Did All the Words Go?

Hello again.

It’s been quite some time since my last post. I don’t really know why. I have been busy, for certain, but that’s not it. It just seems as if the words have gone. It may not make much sense, but neither does life sometimes.

With everything that has been going on with the elections, and protests, and world politics, and so on, there is so much to say, and yet, there are no words. Does words-278x300 stress management coach & specialistthat make sense?

Ultimately I have come to realize that it is not really about words. It is about actions. We can talk, and type, all we want, but at the end of the day, what do we do with those words? Do they float on by, find a comfy place in the back of the mind to settle into?

Or, do they move you? Do they stir you up enough to take action, to do something about the words? Every so often there comes along a man or woman with the capacity to weave their words in such a way as to move people, to inspire action, to motivate and celebrate. Sometimes, these words are for the greater good, sometimes they are not. Regardless, it shows the power of words, or their lack. Do you understand?

Words are powerful, they are profound, and yet, they can only truly fulfill their purpose, when they are the cause for an action. Otherwise, they are just shapes and sounds.

Why do I type all of this? To remind you. I want to remind you of the words that have moved you in your life. The words that have empowered you, and the ones that have inspired you. All of the words that have moved you in your life. Read them again. Remember. If they don’t move you anymore, find new words, and with them new actions, new movement.

A quote? A poem? A song? A blog?

Find the words. Find the words and let them move you. Find the words and let them move you, and through your movement let others be moved. Write the words. Guide the movements. Find the meaning.

Find the words.

I’ll give you your first one . . .



Adam Meyer

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Adam Meyer

Adam is an author, transformational speaker, and stress management coach. His powerful yet approachable and easy-to-understand wisdom have the potential to make a powerful shift in your life. Combining ancient wisdom and modern science, he helps his clients achieve their personal and professional goals, free from stress and worry. My journey has taught me some powerful, profound, and incredible things. Walk with me, and I'll teach them to you too.

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